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  2. I only dream in color.

    Let’s capture your special memories! Life is too short not to have a good laugh and share a smile with your favorite photographer!

    $150 Photo Sessions available until April 15th.
    Personal message me for booking info!

    Visit http://www.facebook.com/AshleyFlaigPhotography
    for more photographs and more information


  3. Are there any lovely local (or close) artists in Las Vegas who would love to do some collabs?

  4. babyy-alien:

    Stephanie (by Ashley Flaig Photography)

    Click the photo to see my Facebook page for booking information and collabs!


  7. Thank you everyone, for all of your love and support!

    Please continue to share my photographs and keep the dream alive! :)

    If ever you want to talk about art in any form, please feel free to shoot me a message!

    Xo, Ash

  11. Taken by storm. (by Ashley Flaig Photography)

  13. There is freedom in your lungs. (by Ashley Flaig Photography)

    Model: Julia Hurley

  14. It’s been awhile since i’ve posted any photographs for you all to enjoy. Here is an image of myself from November that came straight out of the camera. No editing or processing.

    (by Ashley Flaig Photography)

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